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Protex Ultra 4WD brakes – safety at your feet

No matter how hard you work, play or drive, the Protex Ultra 4WD Brake range at Barossa Brakes & Suspension is designed to withstand the toughest conditions. Made for enhanced durability, the coated brake rotors provide extra protection against salt, rust and environmental elements, while the ceramic friction formulation on the pads delivers ultra-quiet, stable stopping power.

What are the best 4WD brakes?

Are you getting optimum braking performance from your 4WD? Protex Ultra 4WD Brakes are versatile and built tough to take on anything from towing heavy loads or touring the outback.

The key advantages of Protex Ultra 4WD brakes include:

Anti corrosion protection

Ultracoat Z360® is an exclusive anti-corrosion coating for faster fitting and longer life.

Eco friendly

Protex is committed to minimising environmental impact from production methods deployed to materials we use.

High carbon rotors

Protex Ultra 4WD Brakes offer enhanced heat dissipation due to the 6 directional slots and unique pillar design.

What are coated brake rotors and how do they prevent corrosion?

Coated brake rotors are a relatively new development in the braking industry. Changing vehicle design to improve fuel economy and air drag has meant more airflow to the wheel. Along with airflow, there is also more exposure to water, salt and other corrosive elements. Add to the mix Australia’s often harsh conditions, and you get a greater risk of rotor corrosion. The Protex core rotor range comes standard with Ultracoat Z360.

A key benefit of Ultracoat Z360 is that it creates a protective barrier on the rotor surface to prevent corrosion, which increases the life of your brakes.

Why do coated brake rotors make vehicles look more attractive?

Coated brake rotors are more visually appealing on the car as there are no ugly rusted hats or vanes visible through the spokes.

What is Ultracoat Z360 made from?

Ultracoat Z360 is made from zinc and aluminium flakes is water-based, chromium-free and environmentally friendly. It is applied over the whole disc rotor, offering total protection against rust and corrosion.

Are coated braked rotors easy to fit and clean?

Yes. The protective coating removes the need for cleaning so your mechanic can simply take the rotor out of the packaging and fit it straight into your vehicle.

What are the advantages of Protex Ultra 4WD Brake Pads?

Protex Ultra 4WD Brake Pads are designed to withstand the challenging conditions of Australia’s tough terrain while also suited to everyday driving. The high-end ceramic formulation helps reduce dust and contains no copper, which is a better choice for the environment – particularly with off-road driving since copper is damaging to waterways. The multi-layer metal shim helps absorb noise for quieter braking. Like all Protex brake pads, the product can be used straight from the box, saving on fitting time.

Barossa Brakes & Suspension – keeping you safe on the roads since 1989

At Barossa Brakes & Suspension, our mechanics are specialists in servicing brakes, suspensions and wheel alignment and balancing for both 4WDs and light vehicles to ensure driver safety, passenger safety and the protection of other drivers on the road. In addition, we offer general maintenance on trailers and stock a wide range of 4WD parts and accessories. We offer a warranty on all our repairs.

Need to get in touch with Barossa Brakes & Suspension? Call us on (08) 8563 3688 or direct your email to Alternatively, you can book a service here or follow us on Facebook.


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