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8 reasons why you need Rancho’s 4WD suspension technology

Rancho is an exclusive four-wheel drive shock absorber and suspension brand that can improve your ride whether you are travelling through the Australian outback, taking your family on an off-road adventure, towing your caravan or simply driving to work. Rancho lives, eats, sleeps and breathes 4WD, delivering the benefits of more than 60 years of spring research and development to the Australian and New Zealand four-wheel-drive market. Barossa Brakes & Suspension are proud to introduce the latest Rancho range. Looking for parts for your vehicle? Check out Rancho’s new online catalogue with rego look-up.

Rancho’s exclusive Cross-Tune Technology

Rancho’s 4WD replacement shock absorber range features Rancho’s exclusive Cross-Tuned Technology which provides a unique, patented valving system and advanced compression functionality, improving the vehicle’s overall on and off-road handling and performance.

RS5000™X shocks and struts improve overall on and off-road handling and performance

Developed by the engineers at Rancho, the patented RS5000™X shocks have been the shock of choice all over the globe since 1985. The Rancho RS5000™X series design includes patented progressive rebound and compression discs. At lower speeds or in the earlier stages of the shock’s travel, a low-speed tuning disc in the valve shim stacks will engage the valving at lower frequencies, helping to control the energy of motion as the cycle of the shock increases or decreases in its action.

RS5000™X shocks and struts reduce harsh initial impacts

RS5000™X shocks are a 4WD purist’s dream. When hitting a pothole or off-road trail obstacle, Rancho’s Progressive Engagement Valving allows for early flow of fluid, helping to reduce harsh initial impacts and to control the flow of fluid in a progressive, gradual manner through the valving.

RS5000™X shocks and struts minimise a rough ride

During on or off-road driving activities like washboard roads or when travelling a rough fire road, the early flow of fluid helps to minimise a rough ride as the piston movement is able to glide through the initial travel motion of the shock with minimal ground impact or force. If needed, the Progressive Engagement Valving will further engage to maintain control and stability. For more information about the features and benefits of RS5000™X shocks and struts, click here.

Rancho RS5000™ shocks and struts are tuned to each unique vehicle model

Rancho RS5000™ shocks have been the shock of choice all over the globe since 1985. These iconic shocks were the first to deliver application-specific valving and are tuned to each unique vehicle model. Ideal for work or play, Rancho RS5000™ shocks deliver a comfortable highway ride while being responsive during off-road driving on any stock or lifted application.

RS7000®MT monotube shocks are perfect for extreme off-road use

Engineered and manufactured in North America, Rancho RS7000®MT monotube shocks are extremely resilient and highly effective in the dissipation of heat, making the series ideal for extreme off-road use and larger wheel and tyre packages. RS7000®MT monotube shocks feature a 50mm monotube body for improved heat dissipation and application-specific deflective disc valving which automatically senses and responds to any suspension input. To learn more about RS7000®MT features and benefits, click here.

RS9000™XL shocks and struts – 9 levels of performance for trucks, SUVs and Jeeps

Engineered and manufactured in the US, the Rancho RS9000™XL 9-position adjustable series delivers nine levels of performance to on and off-road trucks, SUVs and Jeeps. Globally recognised as the first 9-position manually adjustable ride control series in the off-road market, the advanced RS9000XL series is ideal for on and off-road use, towing and more. The adjustable damping enhances ride characteristics by counteracting the additional unsprung mass inherent in larger tyre and wheel combinations. Click here to discover more features and benefits of Rancho RS9000™XL shocks.

Rancho Springs – designed in Australia for superior suspension performance

Rancho Springs are designed and manufactured in Australia using a quality shot peening process to maximise spring durability. They also feature premium high strength silicon chrome alloy steel for enhanced performance and longer life.

Advantages to selecting Rancho Springs as your top 4WD replacement choice in suspension replacement:

  • Superior durability through polyester powder coating, providing extreme protection and a premium finish, while a phosphate pre-treatment coating prevents corrosion
  • Excellent upgraded suspension performance by providing superior resistance to vehicle sag improved towing capacity and load carrying features
  • Tenneco’s controlled CAD (Computer-Aided Design) design and manufacturing process ensures enhanced product precision
  • Rancho coil springs are covered by a 3 year/60,000km warranty

Barossa Brakes & Suspension – keeping you safe on the roads since 1989

At Barossa Brakes & Suspension, our mechanics are specialists in servicing brakes, suspensions and wheel alignment and balancing for both 4WDs and light vehicles to ensure driver safety, passenger safety and the protection of other drivers on the road. In addition, we offer general maintenance on trailers and stock a wide range of 4WD parts and accessories. We offer a warranty on all our repairs.

Need to get in touch with Barossa Brakes & Suspension? Call us on (08) 8563 3688 or direct your email to Alternatively, you can book a service here or follow us on Facebook.

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