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4WD braking performance – what you need to know

Are you getting optimum braking performance from your 4WD? Our team at Barossa Brakes and Suspension explore some of the preventative measures you can take to prolong your braking system’s lifespan.

4WD braking performance – check your brake fluids

The 4WD brake system comprises a sealed hydraulic system that stores fluid in a reservoir. When you push the brake pedal, the fluid gets forced through the system and provides force to the brake calipers, clamping the brake pads to the disc rotors. If your 4WD has drum brakes, the brake shoes are pushed into the brake drum. We advise getting your brake fluid levels checked at least every month and when you get a 4WD service.

4WD braking performance – take care when driving over rough terrain

While driving on rough terrains, where the brakes and suspension gets an extreme workout, the shock absorbers of the car can get damaged.

4WD braking performance – use low gears when going down hills

Driving down steep hills can be a problem due to the 4WD wanting to constantly gain speed and change gear. This problem will cause the driver to continually apply the brakes which can cause them to overheat. It can also result in brake fade which renders the brakes ineffective, sending you to the bottom of the hill too fast.

4WD braking performance – avoid using 4WD when not essential

In most cases, 4WD mode is not necessary. It uses more fuel and can also lead to overconfidence, resulting in more situations where you can get stuck. Save money and fuel by only using 4WD when you need it. Your brakes will be happier and healthier too.

4WD braking performance – use cruise control

When you apply pressure to the accelerator, it burns fuel. Cruise control keeps the pedal in one position so that you are not inadvertently consuming more petrol than you need to. This helps boost fuel economy and prevents unnecessary wear and tear on your 4WD brakes. We recommend using cruise control whenever possible.

4WD braking performance – ensure all tyres are inflated correctly

Tyres are one of the most important components of a 4WD. Every time you accelerate, brake or corner, four small patches of rubber contacting the ground determine what happens to your vehicle. Therefore, it is vital for 4WD owners to keep up with tyre rotation and make sure all tyres are inflated correctly. For regular rotation, check your manufacturer’s rotation recommendation. Some tyre manufacturers will not specify rotation recommendation for your 4WD tyres. In such cases, 4WD tyres should be rotated every 4000 kilometers. If you are in doubt, chat to our experienced experts when you book a service.

4WD braking performance – ensure your suspension is inspected

Like an on-road car, 4WD suspension is an essential part which contributes to how well your 4WD handles, how capable it is on and off the road, and how comfortable the drive is. We recommend having your suspension checked by a suspension expert at least every 6 months.

4WD braking and suspension professionals in the Barossa Valley

Is your 4WD due for a service? Having your 4WD serviced by professionals can extend the lifespan of your brakes. Since 1989, Barossa Brakes & Suspension has been servicing motorists throughout the Barossa Valley, Riverland and Gawler areas. Tanunda, Nuriootpa and Lyndoch are among the towns we service.

Barossa Brakes & Suspension – keeping you safe on the roads since 1989

Don’t gamble with your safety. At Barossa Brakes & Suspension, our mechanics are specialists in servicing brakes, suspensions and wheel alignment and balancing for both 4WDs and light vehicles to ensure driver safety, passenger safety and the protection of other drivers on the road. In addition, we offer general maintenance on trailers and stock a wide range of 4WD parts and accessories. We offer a warranty on all our repairs and treat every car we work on as if it were our own. Our goal is to keep you safe and on the road.

Need to get in touch with Barossa Brakes & Suspension? Call us on (08) 8563 3688 or direct your email to Alternatively, you can book a service here or follow us on Facebook.


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