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The benefits of Protex slotted disc rotors and Ultra Ceramic Disc Pads

Do you want more from your brakes? Protex slotted disc rotors can improve brake output by removing gas and dust that is trapped between the pad and rotor. This gas and dust reduce the friction force by preventing the pad from fully contacting the rotor. Hot or cold, Protex Ultra Ceramic Brake Pads reduce noise and are more reliable in a wider range of temperature and driving conditions than organic pads.

Slotted Protex disc rotors – braking built tough

The versatile Protex Ultra 4WD Disc Rotor is precision balanced with a ground finish and high-carbon composition. Available in various vane designs according to your vehicle’s needs including pillar, straight and curved, the Protex Ultra 4WD Disc Rotor is built to withstand demanding off-road conditions as well as towing and heavy-duty use, while also being suitable for everyday driving. The Protex Ultra 4WD Disc Rotor comes slotted with a custom 6 slot design offering increased stopping power and resistance to pad glazing.

Protex Ultra Performance Disc Rotor

Designed for drivers who want more from their brakes, the Protex Ultra Performance Disc Rotor is made with longevity and performance in mind and is stacked with features. Made from high carbon cast iron, this rotor offers better thermal stability, quieter braking and high performance in challenging driving conditions. The unique Protex vane designs (including pillar, straight and curves vane) allow for better cooling at high braking temperatures ensuring optimal braking performance. The Protex Ultra Performance Disc Rotor is available in slotted, drilled and flat surface finish to provide you with greater choice to suit your driving needs.

Protex Ultra Select Disc Rotor

The Protex Ultra Select range caters for a wide range of specialty vehicles, including performance and classic vehicles. Available in a variety of finishes and specifications including drilled and slotted, in both standard and high carbon materials, this range tailors for those hard-to-find and less common applications.

Protex Ultra Ceramic Disc Pads – advanced braking technology

Having been in the market for more than a decade, Protex Ultra Ceramic Brake Pads are well accepted by mechanics and known to be made from stable, high-quality materials. The low-dust ceramic formulation of Protex Ultra Ceramic Brake Pads helps lessen the environmental impact, while noise-absorbing technology creates quieter braking. With strong resistance to fade, these brake pads can be used straight from the box without having to bed them in, saving on fitting time. This is due to an optimised surface, created by heating the pads to a high temperature at the factory to remove remaining gases or resins – so you can have top braking performance immediately.

Where can I find a Protex stockist in the Barossa Valley?

Available at Barossa Brakes & Suspension, Protex rotors and disc pads are rigorously tested for optimum performance, safety and quality. The exceptional range of Protex rotors are carefully engineered for maximum safety, quicker fitting and better braking performance. Do you need more information about Protex slotted disc rotors and Protex Ultra Ceramic disc pads? Ask our Barossa brake experts how Protex rotors and disc pads can enhance your braking performance.

The Protex guarantee

For your peace of mind, Protex offers a full nationwide guarantee. No matter where you are in Australia, from the Barossa Valley to Bundaberg, all Protex products are supported by a 12 month / 20,000km warranty warranty – plus Protex provides an unlimited warranty for any manufacturing faults or defects.

Barossa Brakes & Suspension – keeping you safe on the roads since 1989

At Barossa Brakes & Suspension, our mechanics are specialists in servicing brakes, suspensions and wheel alignment and wheel balancing for both 4WDs and light vehicles. We offer general maintenance on trailers and stock a wide range of 4WD parts and accessories.

Need to get in touch with Barossa Brakes & Suspension? Call the Barossa Valley specialists on (08) 8563 3688 or direct your email to Alternatively, you can book a service here or follow us on Facebook.

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