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How Protex rotors can improve the braking performance of your vehicle

Protex strives to deliver more than just brake parts. Available at Barossa Brakes & Suspension, Protex rotors are rigorously tested for optimum performance, safety and unrivalled quality. The exceptional range of Protex rotors are carefully engineered for maximum safety, quicker fitting and better braking performance. Our Barossa brake experts explain how Protex rotors can improve the braking performance of your vehicle.

Why choose Protex rotors?

With a background in selling wholesale brakes, the creators of Protex saw the need for a comprehensive range of products made for Australian conditions. Using their industry knowledge and experience, Protex designed top-quality products to fit more than 95% of Australia’s vehicles.

Extensive range of rotors

The Protex range covers everything from vintage and 4WD vehicles to late model luxury vehicles and everything in between. All performance requirements are catered for. Options include high carbon in addition to slotted, drilled and various vane designs.

Exclusive anti-corrosion surface coating for enhanced durability

Protex rotors feature Ultracoat Z360 anti-corrosion coating which can withstand the toughest conditions. The coated rotors provide supreme protection against salt, rust and environmental elements, while the ceramic friction formulation on the pads delivers ultra-quiet, stable stopping power. The coated rotors require no cleaning and are ready to fit.

The Protex guarantee

For your peace of mind, Protex offers a full nationwide guarantee. No matter where you are in Australia, from the Barossa Valley to Bundaberg, all Protex products are supported by a 12 month / 20,000km warranty warranty – plus Protex provides an unlimited warranty for any manufacturing faults or defects.

Smooth braking

Protex rotors are ground finished and balanced for smooth braking.

Protex Ultra Disc Rotor

The Protex Ultra Disc Rotor is coated with the exclusive Ultracoat Z360 formula, which prevents corrosion for a longer life and provides an easier fit to your vehicle.

Protex Ultra 4WD Disc Rotor

The Protex Ultra 4WD Disc Rotor is precision balanced with a ground finish and high-carbon composition. The versatile rotor is built to withstand demanding off-road conditions as well as towing and heavy-duty use, while also being suitable for everyday driving.

Protex Ultra Performance Disc Rotor

The Ultra Performance Disc Rotor is made with longevity and performance in mind. Designed for drivers who want more from their brakes, this upgraded rotor gives you additional features and benefits. Made from high carbon, cast iron material, this rotor offers better thermal stability, quieter braking and high performance in challenging driving conditions.

Ultra Select Disc Rotor

The Protex Ultra Select range caters for a wide range of specialty vehicles, including performance and classic vehicles. Available in a variety of finishes and specifications including drilled and slotted, in both standard and high carbon materials, this range tailors for those hard-to-find and less common applications.

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