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Suspension Repairs & Upgrades

Suspension Repairs & Upgrades

Barossa Brakes and Suspension offers complete suspension service for light-vehicles and 4WDs. Specialising in a range of suspension parts, our customers are ensured that the highest quality parts are installed on their vehicles and can be relied upon. Our mechanics will fit every suspension component with an unbeatable level of skill and professionalism. 

Keeping the components in your suspension system serviced and maintained is a key factor to remaining safe while driving and to ensure the safety of those around you. A failure to these components will lead to poor vehicle handling, cause unnecessary dangers on the road and damage other mechanisms of your vehicle.

Suspension servicing: How often?

It is recommended that you have your suspension parts inspected every 20,000km and replaced by 80,000km. If you are experiencing signs of worn out shock absorbers, you should get your vehicle to a mechanic as soon as possible. If your sock absorbers are not doing their job, your brakes and tyres cannot either. 

Inadequate suspension components can cause premature wear to your tires, brakes, shocks and springs. Signs that it is time to take your vehicle to a specialist to get your suspension inspected and serviced include having trouble stopping, swerving when you brake, steering wheel vibration and vehicle shaking while you drive.

Suspension and towing

Barossa Brakes and Suspension also offer tow vehicle suspension upgrades as well. The manufacturer-installed suspension system on most vehicles cannot handle the weight and torque of a trailer, leading to poor towing performance. To optimise the handling and fuel economy of your tow vehicle, consider upgrading your suspension system with heavy-duty shocks and springs. 

As licensed distributors for Ironman 4×4 suspension components and accessories as well as Monroe Shock Absorbers, Barossa Brakes and Suspension can guarantee that all of their customers will receive top-quality name brand parts installed by experienced, licensed technicians.

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